About the HQ

Guns & Gear HQ writes objective, in-depth reviews and analyses of firearms and gear related to the shooting sports industry. We sample, test, and evaluate all the products we review firsthand.

We don’t partner with companies to give clear and unbiased analyses of the guns and products we review.

Gun Case HQ was created to create the Internet leading authority on gun bags and cases. We are industry professionals that use our knowledge and experience to test and evaluate high-quality gun cases.

We will look at soft gun cases and hard gun cases as each have very specific use’s. We are extremely familiar with fabric, threads, sewing methods and materials in general.

When it comes to hard cases we have direct contact with hard gun case manufacturers that allow us to understand the process of making plastic hard cases. We will be reviewing all brands of hard gun cases including Field & Stream, Pelican, Plano and SKB just to name a few.

We will take an unbias approach and acknowledge that one size does not fit all you may need a soft gun case to transport from safe to shooting range. Soft cases provide lightweight storage and transportation of your firearms. 

Hard gun cases are significant for heavy-duty gun protection or for long-distance travel. Hard gun cases are also the only case that’s TSA compliant for flying with firearms. So before you fly make sure you have the best gun case for the job.